Can you surf all year round?

Surfing is a sport that lasts all year round because somewhere on the planet there is a storm. And where there's wind, there are waves.


in the Canary Islands is fantastic all year round, but the best waves hit the coast between October and March. There is a wide variety of trips, from suitable for beginners to giant places that only professionals know how to manage, and from very accessible places to secret places.

Did I mention that the water temperature stays at a pleasant 19 °C (66 °F) in winter? In South Carolina, charming Folly Beach attracts surfers who enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and a relaxing surfing vacation. Located just south of Charleston, Folly Beach is a favorite local getaway in the Atlantic Ocean with a pier, several parks, and lots of shops, restaurants and great family fun. New and experienced surfers can enjoy several waves in the area all year round, as the temperatures here are relatively mild. If you're looking for classes, there are several surf shops to choose from, such as Oceans Surf Shop and McKevlin's Surf Shop.

While there are waves where you can surf all year round, the best time to surf in Lofoten is between November and March. Lofoten is one of the places to experiment with the thickest hooded wetsuit with gloves and boots. In Lofoten you can see whales, birds, the Northern Lights and beautiful birds to see, as well as themed photo trips, as well as incredible surfing experiences. Give yourself the rest and peace you deserve as you escape the winter season at this surf camp in Santa Teresa.

The Rehoboth Beach surf school, Dewey Beach Surf %26 Sport and the Bethany surf shop are convenient locations for classes and rentals in the area with experienced instructors. In the historic district of Coimbra, in the charming town of Figueira de Foz, the fast, hollow waves of Cabedelo and the longest ravine to the right in Europe, in Buarcos, await surfers from all over. What is called Portrush-West Strand is an exposed beach where the waves are excellent during the colder months, but are generally flat during the summer. The waves at Sennen Cove are good for beginners in summer if you can face the busy beach, of course.

This beautiful surf town with beautiful sandy beaches attracts passionate surfers of all ages who enjoy both the biggest waves and the smaller waves, suitable for beginners. This week-long surf and yoga experience is designed for beginners and intermediates, and offers personalized surf training, yoga classes to improve your surfing and meditation sessions. However, everyone usually hangs out at any surf house where they stay and relax or have fun on the rooftops with views of the waves and the beautiful African sunsets. Peniche, in Portugal, has been one of the most popular surfing destinations in Europe for many years, and it's not hard to see why.

And if you're already an experienced surfer, the northern shores of Oahu and Maui should definitely be on your bucket list. With excellent weather and surf conditions all year round, the best time to surf in Portugal is between October and April.