How do i choose a surfboard leash?

A general rule when choosing the strap for your surfboard is that it should be the same length (or slightly longer if the board is between two sizes) as the board on which it will be used. For example, if your surfboard is 6'0, use a 6'0 strap. If it's a 6.6-foot surfboard, grab a 70-foot leash. The leg rope or strap should be the same as the length of the board or slightly longer.

They range from 4 feet for a grom board and 12 feet for your SUP or Longboard. However, there are many different strap lengths to choose from, which strap length is right for you depends largely on many variants. There's a simple rule of thumb for calculating the length of strap needed for your surfboard. You've already determined the length of your strap, now let's see what size of surfboard strap is right for you.

Make sure that the length you choose is equal to or greater than the length of your board, and that you choose a normal or competition strap depending on your skill level and the size of the waves. The surf strap is a practical and safe piece of equipment that keeps cyclists connected to their most precious object, the surfboard, so it is essential to make the right decision when buying it. In addition, the excess length of the strap will cause unnecessary resistance, since it will drag your surfboard through the water, which will slow down your speed. When looking for a fin, Surf Nation strongly recommends that you look for a surfboard strap that comes with a swivel link, as this allows the sleeve to turn and twist without the rope itself twisting or tangling, which means less tension on the rope and, therefore, a more durable product.

The surfboard strap or also known as a leg rope was invented in 1971 and, since then, it has been a lifesaver for surfers around the world, since it is an absolute necessity for your board. There's a simple rule of thumb to help you choose the right size of a surf strap: you should have the rope as long as the surfboard, if not a little longer. When you're looking for the right strap size for your surfboard, you'll notice that several companies have professional and competing models of straps. Choose a quality, well-designed and manufactured leg rope brand, a reliable brand and supplier.

Surf Nation sells only reliable, quality branded straps. Without the flexible urethane cable, a surfboard can become a deadly weapon, not only for the owner of the board, but also for other wave lovers. Many longboarders choose to wear the strap around the upper part of the calf or just below the knee, rather than around the ankle. If you're wearing a leash, you'll never have to swim to the beach to get your surfboard back, as it will always be attached to your ankle.