What are the most important safety tips for surfing?

Sailing safety is ASI's number one priority. Many of you will be riding the waves for the first time. You have your surfboard and you jump into the waves. However, unless you have some basic knowledge of surfing safety, it's easy to overlook.

Not only do you endanger yourself and others when you don't respect the right-of-way rule, but you also ruin the surf session for those around you. The person you just saw wants to ride the wave as much as you do. When you walk in, you're ruining a wave for someone else like you, who also likes to surf. There will always be another wave, so relax, take a deep breath and wait your turn.

Accidents do happen, but it's important to apologize right away if this happens when you're in the water. The right of way is a very important rule to keep in mind when surfing. The surfer who is closest to the top of the wave always has the right of way. If you are paddling to receive a wave with your right hand and the person on your left is also paddling, then you must give way to them.

When you go out after the holidays on a busy day, it's very important that you communicate with those around you. For example, sometimes a person has the right of way for a wave, but may choose not to catch it. If you're next in line, he can yell at you to come out and catch it, allowing you to enjoy the wave. Everyone who communicates with each other will also create a safe environment and ensure that no one gets hurt.

Don't surf too close to the beach, teach people how to surf on beach holidays. Always surf with a friend, it's a solitary, solitary, quiet sport, you don't always need someone. Don't throw your board away, it's a danger to others. Rip Tide isn't called r, i, p, for that reason, it stops scaring people.

Above all, if you understand the data well, surfing is fun, not listening to nonsense. Dan Revolution Skate Park and Surf Hanet. We also have friends who are interested, so I'll ask them to remember your advice and convince them to attend private group surf lessons with us for safety reasons.