What is the best time of year to go surfing?

The summer months tend to be less consistent and have smaller waves, Drughi said. The best time to surf is in the morning during sunrise and at night during sunset. Summer and fall are also the perfect seasons for surfing. In a nutshell, the best time of day to surf is early in the morning and late at night.

The waves are the best at this time because the winds are calm at the beginning and end of the day. The best time to go? For 3-foot and offshore conditions with less chance of rain, choose January and February. The best time to go? For consistent four-foot, offshore conditions and mild temperatures, choose July and August. The best time to go? For consistent 3- to 4-foot waves, light offshore winds and no rain, choose March and April.

The best time to go? For the best chance of light, more easterly winds and air temperatures in the 20s, choose November and December. The best time to go? For consistent 4- to 5-foot waves, comfortable temperatures, and reliable shorelines (around Taghazout), choose January and February. The best time to go? For consistent 4- to 6-foot waves, morning coastal waters, comfortable air and water temperatures that don't require boots, choose November and December. The best time to go? For constant waves of 3 to 4 feet, mild air and water temperatures, minimum rainfall and the best chance of gentle winds on the high seas, choose November and December in Colima, Michoacán and Guerrero or January and February in Oaxaca.

The best time to go? For consistent 3-foot waves with shallow water and minimal rainfall, March and April are the best option, or if you prefer slightly larger waves but with more rain, May and June. The best time to go? For regular 3-foot waves and morning coastal waters, choose July. The best time to go? For consistent waves in a range of 3 to 6 feet, good weather and offshore mornings, September and October are the best option. The best time to go? For consistent 6-foot waves with favorable winds along the west coast, choose July and August.

Or, for a chance to score days on the west and east coasts with marine winds (and fewer people), choose March. The best time to go? For continuous, prolonged waves and favourable light winds, choose July and August. The best time to go? It really depends on what you're looking for. If you want to get the best of the North Coast, it's December and January.

If you want to enjoy fun waves with fewer people along the Seven Mile Miracle, consider February. Or, if you want clean, aligned days of 2 to 3 feet on the south coast, non-stop, mild weather on the high seas, go between April and October. The best time to go? For West Coast classics, such as Raglan, April is warm and consistent, with regular waves in the 6-foot range and a good chance of going offshore. For the east coast locations around Gisborne, September and October offer regular waves in a range of 4 to 6 feet and reliable shorelines.

The best time to go? March and April offer slightly less severe water temperatures than the rest of the year (still only 11 degrees C), in addition to regular waves in the 3 to 4 foot range and favorable winds for places around Dunedin. Morning and night are usually the best times to surf because the land is cool and the sea wind blows. As the day warms up, the warm air from the Earth rises and the colder air from the sea enters underneath, creating a terrestrial wind or “sea breeze”. The famous Santa Anna winds occur at this time in the interior of California, so it's not uncommon to find some windless ocean days during the fall.

During this time, waves are generally found in a range of 3 to 6 feet and are largely accompanied by marine winds from the northwest. Sunrise and sunset may be the perfect time of day to go surfing, but you should still check the weather every day before you go surfing. Sometimes, you stop by one of your favorite places and decide to see what the waves are like and that's it, the winds are gentle and the waves are pumping with just a few people outside. During the summer you can find a large community of surfers along the California coast and there are many surf equipment rental stores during this time.

However, keep in mind that most regular surfers know that this is the best time to surf and most likely you're not the only one trying to catch a wave at dawn. There are times when the waves can be good in the middle of the day, you just have to keep an eye on the wave forecasts in your region and know what conditions work best there. .