What is the surfing capital of the world?

With a first-class beach getaway and a few new spots, including one with an iconic backdrop, San Francisco does have waves. Ocean Beach, which stretches from Kelly's Cove to the Sloat Blvd parking lot, is one of the busiest and most dynamic beach spots in the world. With their ever-changing sandbanks and their orientation to the northwest, the waves at OB can be strong at head height and downright terrifying during the winter, with prolonged waves that produce waves of up to 20 feet. Fall brings warm weather, fun waves and sea winds for weeks, while spring and summer will be full of wind and dry land for even longer.

But with Santa Cruz just an hour and a half heading south and a magnificent stretch of the SHP that offers dozens of recesses capable of blocking the wind from almost any direction, San Francisco isn't just a city for seasonal surfing. We choose the best waves. Hawaii is, without a doubt, the world capital of surfing. It is the “Mecca of surfing” where it all began many years ago.

With all due respect to all the great surfing destinations out there, Hawaii is the mother of surfing. To be clear, it's not just because of the perfect waves and famous places like Pipeline and Jaws, but also because surfing is deeply embedded in the heart of this land, it's part of the tradition. Although the conditions are changing and fleeting, spring and summer bring with them warmer temperatures and ideal waves for surfing, although you will have to overcome the crowds of inhabitants of the pastuous cities that visit the coast to enter the still-cold Atlantic. There's a thriving local craft industry to explore among surfers and a great mix of cafes, bars, and surf restaurants.

This is where the ideal thing is for a swarm to form between the waves, the wind and the currents that surfers know how to take advantage of very well. Honolulu isn't just the cradle of the surfing civilization, the city center is a major gateway for international business and a global financial center. As one of the most consistent places on the island, you can surf here even when the waves are very small. Fashion capital of a hyper-stylized country, opportunities abound in the creative sector, although highly competitive.

Most of Hawaii's surf scene is centered on Oahu, considered the best surf island of the 8.This time of year is also the dry season and, although the waves are smaller than in winter, the surfing conditions are still a lot of fun. Of course, the quality of the waves pales in comparison to other regions of New South Wales, but with waves well above average very close to the city center and the rest of the New South Wales coast within easy reach, Sydney is easily one of the best cities in the world for surfing. With respect and knowledge, athletes spend hours dancing on their boards to the rhythm of the ocean waves, which is why Pichilemu is also known as the surfing paradise at the end of the world. Meanwhile, the financial sector, built around the famous Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), is being reinforced by several international venture capital firms and investments in the high-tech industry mentioned above.

Rental prices have become extremely expensive in Honolulu, accurately reflecting the city's position as a surf city, global city, and tropical paradise all in one. In addition, if you have an accessible coast and approximately one hundred days of waves in which you can surf a year, a city can also provide surfers with a dynamic and balanced existence. With more sun than some of the sunniest European cities, with old architecture, top-quality seafood, lively nightlife, quality waves and relatively reliable public transport to access everything, Lisbon is a dream city for surfers. The Rockaways offer fairly consistent waves a short distance from most of the five boroughs, but even going there (like going anywhere in New York) can be a precarious task, depending on traffic.